If you happen see one of these... buy it up quick!

From Cabbage Patch Kids, to Tickle Me Elmo, all the way to Hatchimals last year; parents will stop at nothing when it comes to fulfilling their children's Christmas wishes. Heck, I remember when I found a Gameboy under the tree when I was 8-years-old... it was the best day ever!

Last year when I worked at Target, I would see parents lined up outside for hours at a time in the snow and cold before the doors would open just to snag 1 of 3 Hatchimals that came in on the truck the night before. It was pure madness to see firsthand!

That brings me to this year's must-have toy. Most stores carry them... well, at least they did. They're what kids want right now and such is the case every year, you can't find them anywhere because parents are buying them in bulk. Something I'll explain in a minute.

For only $15, you can own this simple finger-puppet that's both battery operated and responds to touch. But because they're so hot right now, people are buying them all up and then turning around and selling them on eBay for up to $180!

Complete sets of these are selling for even higher for $300!

Here's a video to show what they're all about:

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