That headline doesn't make much sense, but you read it right. This coach did not want his own player to score on his own team, and he made sure that didn't happen.

Check it out for yourself:

Thanks to Hot Trends, for posting the video via YouTube.

This video is hilarious, as this coach did not allow the player to score on his own team. I wish my coach would have done that for me. Yes, I scored on my own team one time. Honestly, I am not sure how it happened. I just remember getting a pass from a teammate right by the hoop, and I just automatically made the layup.

Don't worry, my team won by a full point. Yes. One point. I also believe we got third place with that victory. I was a key contributor, sort of.

It got me thinking, why didn't my coach do that for me? Okay, maybe that would have been a little more embarrassing, actually a lot more embarrassing. The thought did come into my head right away, though.

I'm actually glad my coach didn't block my layup attempt, and my coach would never have done that ever, but it is an interesting concept to keep your own team from scoring on themselves.

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