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If you want to live like a millionaire here in Minnesota, you're going to need way more than just a million dollars!

If you're like me, when someone says you're a 'millionaire,' it still conjures up visions of that old-school guy from the game, Monopoly. Or maybe living in a big mansion you might have seen in an old-school episode of MTV's 'Cribs'.

But these days, in order to consider yourself a millionaire here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, you'll need to have way more than just a little 'ol million dollars in your bank account. That's the word, anyway, from a new survey by online gaming site Solitaired.com.

The Solitaired.com crew just asked 4,859 people how much money the average American would need to live a millionaire lifestyle. And the results were very interesting-- if not a little depressing. The survey said that "the average Minnesotans said they would need to own $4,686,047 worth of assets in order to achieve millionaire financial status in their own eyes."

So in order to be a 'millionaire,' you actually need over FOUR-AND-HALF million dollars if you're still going to live here in the North Star State! (I'd better get working on a side hustle...)

While that IS a lot of money (you can tell I'm definitely NOT a millionaire), it's less than the national average of $5,474,032 that everyday Americans said you'd need to live a millionaire lifestyle.

Now over in my home state of Wisconsin, you need even MORE money to live the millionaire lifestyle. The survey noted that Wisconsinites said you'll need $4,993,976 in the bank to live like a millionaire in America's Dairyland.

And you'll need even MORE money than that if you want to be a millionaire down in Iowa. The survey said the magic number in the Hawkeye state is a whopping $5,231,343!

You can check all the results of the survey below. Plus, keep scrolling to check out a list of folks who could probably already call themselves millionaires-- because they're the richest people in Minnesota!

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The Richest People In Minnesota

Below you'll see the richest people in the state of Minnesota. The list from Money Inc includes two sisters, a group of brothers, entrepreneurs, sports team owners and more.

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