Flying is great. You get there fast and then you can take it slow (way down in? Anyone? Right, Kokomo!). But, if you're stuck next to one of the 16 Most Annoying Passengers at MSP or RST, it is SO not as much fun.

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Only Wanderlust did a big survey asking, "Who are the most annoying passengers on a plane?" If you're a woman, you'll be glad to know the man-spreader is on the list. How can they be so oblivious to how much of your space they're taking? You paid for that little plot of seat and carpeting, after all.

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Also, body odor made the list, as did the grossest of all passengers...the shoe and sock taker-offers!

The 16 People You Don't Want To Meet At MSP

Truth be told, you don't want to see them at any airport...but they're there, waiting to get on your last nerve.

An interesting extra tidbit on reclining on the plane. Only Wanderlust says 2/3rds of the people surveyed said recline, those seats need a little lean back in 'em.

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