Have you ever wondered how a certain holiday got its name?  Any given day, we can celebrate something.  Plum Pudding Day.  Toothache Day.  National Battery Day, or today, Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day.  My inquisitive mind lead me on a search for the meaning behind today's "day". Apparently the proverb "don't cry over spilled milk" has been around for hundreds of years; the first reference to the phrase documented by a British historian, James Howell, in 1659.  Folklore states that faires loved milk and would drink up any spills left behind, hence, no need to cry if you spilled your glass of milk.  The meaning has changed over the years to mean essentially don't sweat the small stuff, have no regrets about past mistakes, don't worry about things that happened in the past.  Getting rid of regrets is also healthy for you.  Doctors say that holding on to regrets causes undue stress to your body and can weaken your immune system.  People harboring regrets have a tendency to be prone to illness and attract fewer friends socially than those who shed their regrets. Interesting, right? So indulge in a big glass of milk and if you spill it, who cares!  No big deal.  Don't cry over spilled milk!

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