A brand-new radio station hit the airwaves, and it is all about fun!

If you haven't listened in, turn your dial to 103.9-FM to listen to The Doc, as The Doc will play all hits from the past century. Yes, that many hits across many different decades. If you love variety, you should check this out!

When I heard a new station was going up, I knew that I had to tune my dial to the station. According to THIS note from the Doc, The Doc is all about having fun, and playing the best music. If you like music, then The Doc might just be the place for you to turn your dial too.

Do yourself a favor and hit The Doc up on Facebook and see what The Doc is all about with your own eyes! You can also visit The Doc's website HERE.

Variety, at its best. This morning, they already spanned over 4 DIFFERENT Decades. Yeah, that is pretty sweet. The Doc has been unpredictable all day!

Oh yeah, not to forget: The Doc is starting with 20,000 doses in a row.

Have you listened to the new station? What do you think?

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