For those of us who live in Rochester, this will come as no surprise! A recent survey conducted by healthcare recruitment company Sunbelt Staffing revealed that the Med City is the hottest spot in the country for nurses.

The survey looked at a number of factors to determine which cities were truly the best. Consideration went into the concentration of nursing jobs in the area, the wage levels of nurses in the area and the general quality rankings of the hospitals and healthcare facilities in the area.

Sunbelt Staffing
Sunbelt Staffing

With both Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center in Rochester, chances were good that our city would end up on the list! We have a lot of highly-qualified nurses in town and this survey speaks volumes for their work here and the value that the Rochester community places on that profession.

“Nurses are the bedrock of any good hospital and we want to make sure the best nurses are finding the right location to live and work,” says Tera Tuten, Sunbelt Staffing’s Vice President for Finance, Office and Healthcare, when commenting on the company's study. “Rochester, Minnesota has some fantastic facilities, specifically the Mayo Clinic, which employs more than 30,000 people in the area. With the city’s $5.6 billion Destination Medical Center initiative still only four years in, we’re sure the city will see even more fantastic growth over the next sixteen years.”

The Top 10 also included two cities in North Carolina and two in Missouri. Pueblo, Colorado was the Western-most city in the US to be recognized on the list.

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