Over this crazy weekend of college basketball, I went up to see my college friends. One of my old roommates is a big Duke fan and named the furniture I was to rest on after his favorite team.

Couch K

Aaron named his couch "Couch K." Instead of Coach K, as Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski is often called, "Couch K" did not do much work. Last night I'm sure it got a talking to, though, as South Carolina upset the 2-seeded Duke Blue Devils by an 88-81 score.

Everyone's bracket had been busted on Saturday, especially with Wisconsin defeating the defending champion Villanova Wildcats. At this homestead, the chalkboard was being used as the big, official bracket to look to next to everyone else's

Printed Brackets

no-good brackets. Overall, it was a big weekend of college basketball, whether Couch K agrees or not. Big stuff going on tonight through Wednesday is World Baseball Classic coming to a close. Then back to watching tournament action Thursday!

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