This week we celebrate agriculture during National Ag Week.  March 21, 2017 is the 44th anniversary of National Ag Day.  Information obtained from Ag Day revealed some very interesting facts:
One American farmer produces enough product to feed 144 people.  That's amazing!
Agriculture is the United States' #1 export.
One dairy cow can make 20,000 pounds of milk every year, enough to make 1,420 gallons of ice cream.
One bushel of wheat makes 42 loaves of white bread.
Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world.
Today farms and farm implements are more environmentally friendly than ever before due to advances in technology.
Agriculture provides the essentials required to manufacture the necessities of life - food, clothing, and shelter.
Just about everything we eat, wear and use comes from agriculture.

If you want to learn more about agriculture, tune in to KFIL all week long.  KFIL salutes everyone who makes a living working in the agriculture industry.  Thank your farmer today!

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