Have you every wondered what food Minnesotans are searching for? Me either. BUT when I stumbled-upon this post on my Facebook page, I was immediately intrigued!

The post was from delish.com, and it gives readers a brief look at what food people are searching for in their respective state. When I finally got to Minnesota, I was very surprised.

Broccoli Salad was searched the most! Although, there was no source for this material, so it is probably smart to not trust this post, and frankly I have never heard of Broccoli Salad.

Is this really something Minnesotans are craving? I highly doubt it, but according to this post, Minnesotans are at least interested in Broccoli Salad. Who would have thought?

Some of our neighboring states? Well, Iowa was most interested in Chex Mix, while Wisconsin was searching for Puppy Chow. I am not sure if Minnesota got the memo, but dessert would have been okay to search for too!


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