Christmas came early for employees at an Austin, Minnesota based company.

In a time where financial hardships abound, Hormel Foods announced on their website that they are helping ease that burden for their employees.  A new program called "Inspired Pathways", has been created which will pay for the tuition to a two-year college to all dependent children of employees.  This new program will start in 2021.  The only requirements are that the student graduates from high school and meets the community college's entry requirements.

“Our inspired team consists of some of the most incredibly hardworking and dedicated people you will ever encounter. We have people from all backgrounds and cultures, and it is this diversity that fuels us and makes us the global leader we are in our industry. In some cases, we have team members who never had the opportunity to attend college. This program allows them to give their children that opportunity, creating a new generation of college students. They do so much for us, it’s truly a gift that we are excited to give to them.” said Jim Snee, chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer, Hormel Foods.

But wait!  Hormel has more gifts under the tree for their staff.  Hormel will be creating some mentoring opportunities to help students with the application process, internships, and also other possibilities to enhance the development of their career.  Learn more about the new program and the other college scholarship opportunities that they have here.

I applaud you, Hormel Foods!  As a parent who has a child starting her freshman year at college and who understands the financial impact - not to mention the confusing process of applications - thank you!  I did tell my husband that he needs to apply at Hormel Foods asap since we have 2 more kids that will be entering those college years soon.  I don't believe any resumes are being updated at this time in our home but, if you do happen to see one with the last name of 'Williams' on it, maybe just put that in the keep pile.

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