It was this exact location just a long...long...long..time ago!

Fillmore County, yes, the one right here in Southeast Minnesota, was once the most populated county in the entire state of Minnesota! The census year was 1860 when Fillmore County was called home by 13,542 people, according to the US Census. The second-highest populated county at the time was Hennepin County, which had 12,849 people. Houston County was holding 6,645 people.

Obviously, when people were making their way to the west, Southeast Minnesota was one of the first places to be called home by the settlers, but as time went on, the population dispersed around the state.

The expected total as of 2015 for Fillmore County sits around 20,834. The county has grown since it was established in 1853 and continues to be apart of the driftless area.

For being known as a few small towns, it is neat to know that once this county was the big dog!

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