The Fillmore County Sheriff's Office is warning local communities of a possible phone scam, where the callers are pretending to be with the local law enforcement departments.

The scammers are using an application to disguise their phone numbers, and make their numbers look like they are from local police departments. They then call you to threaten you that you have to pay a certain dollar amount or a warrant will be out for your arrest. Check it out:

It is a great heads up here, as you can never be too careful, especially when you are getting a call from local law enforcement. Of course, it is not very often that your local law enforcement office will call you to pay a fine, bail or anything like that in gift cards. That should set off an alarm right away that something is a little fishy!

You can never be too careful, so always make sure you contact your local law enforcement office if you think you have received this call!

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