Today at the Fillmore County Fair in Preston:
Open Class Judging 11 a.m. to 7 p.m
Dairy Goat Show  12:30 p.m.
Horse pleasure show   1 p.m.
Llama show   3 p.m.
4-H Livestock Judging Contest  6 p.m.
Go Kart Races in the grandstand  hot lap 6:30   races at 7
D J at the Beer Barn

Interviews with Bill Bentson on KFIL AM (MN Twins on KFIL FM)
1 p.m.   Hammell Equipment, Chatfield, Rushford, Harmony, Eitzen
1:30      Lanesboro  Sales Commission
2 p.m.  Oak Meadow Meats, Harmony
2:30      Preston Service Plus
3 p.m.   Kingsley Mercantile, Harmony
3:30      Fillmore County Ag Society
4 p.m.   Ody's Country Meats and Catering, Spring Valley
4:30     Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation District
5 p.m.  4-H reports sponsored by Rushford, Preston and Harmony Foods
5:30     Farmer's Co-op Elevator, Rushford, Spring Grove, Caledonia, Houston
6 p.m.  Billmyer Furniture and Flooring, Cresco
6:30     Root River Ag Service, Fountain and Wykoff
7 p.m.  Preston Equipment

Good luck to all of 4-H kids.   Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!  For more information about fair events, go to