The Edelbach corn wagon is once again parked by F&M Community Bank in Preston.  It's officially summer!   Fresh corn on the cob.  Is there anything better?  It isn't summer until you've chomped into that first bite of delicious, butter dripping goodness.


I recently purchased some corn from Mr. Edelbach, a dear man always wearing a friendly smile on his sun-weathered face.  (I don't know his first name, but everyone knows him as Mr. Edelbach). You can tell he has worked hard all his life.  I asked how many years he has been coming to Preston to sell his corn.  He replied "at least fifty years".  Pointing across the street to where the Preston Eye Clinic now sits, "there used to be a big elm tree there so I could sit in the shade all day".  Now he brings his own umbrella for protection from the hot sun.  "When I first came here", he stated, "it was 25 cents a dozen.  Then it was raised to 35 cents a dozen or three dozen for a dollar".  Wow.  Can't get much for a quarter anymore!  I commented that he must have a lot of stories and that he has seen a lot of changes.  His final comment "yes, but the people haven't changed. They are still nice". God bless you, Mr. Edelbach.  We look forward to seeing you every year when you come to town and hope to see you for many more years to come.