I posted about a week ago about how much I dislike Daylight Savings Time. I just don't understand it, and all it really does it make me very upset. However, it is still important that you remember to turn your clocks one hour ahead, because in the "spring" we leap forward.

Is it really spring? It was, like 12 degrees today.

Anyway, Daylight Savings Time was created to save energy, but in reality all it does it make people tired, thus giving them less energy throughout the day! I'm still not sure who came up with that, I really don't get it!

Anyway, this is just a friendly reminder for you to turn your clocks before you got to bed Saturday night, so you are prepared for the losing of an hour of sleep! It is important because you don't want to be late for church come Sunday morning.

It is funny, one of the first times that somebody called in to my radio show, the question I posed was "Do you like daylight savings time?" The gentleman called in and said "No. All it does is make people either late or early for church two times a year." I absolutely agree and love the response! That was also a very cool, and memorable experience for me, and is something that will also remind me of Daylight Savings Time.

Now, don't forget to set your clocks forward come Saturday night!

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