In a press release from the Minnesota DNR dated January 10, 2017, a deer feeding ban is now in place in five counties in southern Minnesota due to chronic wasting disease.  The release states "the deer feeding ban makes it illegal to place or have food capable of attracting wild deer.  This includes salt/mineral blocks and deer attractants.  People who feed birds or small mammals must do so in a manner that precludes access to deer or place the food at least six feet above ground level".

Birds Feeding at a Birdfeeder in a Snow Storm

I have several bird feeders in my yard that I keep stocked year round.  Six feet above the ground?  No.  I would not be able to reach them if they were.  I also have deer that visit my yard as evidenced by droppings and hoof prints in the snow.  I understand why the DNR has enacted the feeding ban.  But it makes me sad that my feeders will be empty, at least for the time being.  Hopefully my pretty little juncos and gorgeous cardinals will be able to find food elsewhere.  I'll miss seeing them.  Are you a bird feeder and what are your thoughts on the new rule?

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