After all the different precipitation we have gotten the past couple days, ice accumulated on my windshield. That's one thing - I can scrape some ice and sit in my car a couple minutes to warm up the windshield. But this ice got down in there so I couldn't use my windshield wipers-which is problematic with all the gunk on the road being sprayed from oncoming traffic.

So I found a solution...well, my mom found a solution, to get rid of that ice before I travelled

A good solution

too far. The solution is two-thirds vinegar - one-third water. You then spray your windshield and windows the night before an overnight freeze if you plan ahead. Or the solution does work if you are like me and forgot about it and need some help before you go on your commute-just give it some time and just a little bit of scraping patience. If you don't have a spray bottle, you can use a small container and slowly pour it over-it will work!

Just some helpful tips today. Another tip-bundle up out there! It's going to be cold tonight!

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