Yes, it is true, it really is that simple to see who is in the Fillmore County Adult Detention Center.

Curiosity never killed the cat, right? Or something like that. Have you ever gotten a little curious about who is currently sitting in the Fillmore County Jail? Now you can.

The Fillmore County Sheriff's Office added a new feature to the Fillmore County Website that shows the names, charges and much more of anyone who is in custody.

The Sheriff's Office will update the list daily, but can't promise that the list is 100% accurate, and Fillmore County Sheriff Tom Kaase says it has to do with many different factors.

"The list of inmates is updated daily; however the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office cannot represent that the information is current, accurate, or complete at any given time. Inaccuracies happen because Law Enforcement at time is given false information, or bookings and/or releases may have occurred after the update."

This feature is prime and ready to go, and you can check it out HERE.

This should help free up the 911 call-takers and will allow people to access the list whenever they want too. Also, the information on the incarceration of a jail detainee is public information and is required to be given out if requested. This list will make it easier for everyone to access.

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