The Fillmore, Houston and Winona County Farm Bureau's and the Bluffland Whitetails Association are hosting a discussion on Chronic Wasting Disease Thursday.

The discussion will be at Rushford-Peterson High School starting at 7 pm as Bryan Richards, Emerging Disease Coordinator at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin will be on hand to speak on CWD and its effect on residents, landowners, hunters and more.

Richards will talk on basic characteristics of CWD and how it impacts the potential for successful deer management, documented disease distribution and prevalence trends, and recent science updates. Richards will host the open discussion after his presentation.

Here is what the event's Facebook page says on CWD:

"Southeastern Minnesota is now a disease management zone, which means the DNR will implement rules that attempt to control the disease within the area. According to the DNR CWD Management Plan, should prevalence of CWD be found to be greater than 5% in this area, the DNR will then move to label the area an endemic zone and switch to passive surveillance, liberal hunting, and monitoring within the zone."

If you want more information on the event and discussion, you can call Cynthie Christensen, President, Houston County Farm Bureau, (507) 251-8465 for more information.

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