The Fillmore Central Falcons had a nice start, but the Cotter Ramblers were able to bounce back and force turnovers to get the victory 51-40 at Fillmore Central High School on Cool 104.

The Falcons jumped out to a 16-12 lead, as the Falcons continued to put pressure on the Ramblers and force many turnovers. Emma Breitsprecher played great defense and caused a lot of havoc on defense for Fillmore Central.

The Ramblers were able to bounce back and force their own turnovers, led by Josie Huelskamp. She continued to get into passing lanes and make it difficult for the Falcons to get their offense going, taking a 28-22 lead into the half. Huelskamp finished with 22 points.

Cotter kept it up to start the second half, has it took the Falcons five game minutes to score their first bucket of the half. Cotter put a lot of pressure on the Falcons defense. drawing a lot of fouls and getting to the free throw line. After a three in the corner by Huelskamp, and a foul, followed by a technical foul on the Falcons, Cotter scored five points on one possession.

That took the momentum away from Fillmore Central and before you know it they were down 20. They were able to battle back and make some really nice plays in the backend of the second half, but they just ran out of time. The Ramblers took the win 51-40.

KVGO Subway Player of the Game (Cotter) - Josie Huelskamp.

KVGO Subway Player of the Game (Fillmore Central) - Emma Breitsprecher

Kingsley Mercantil Game Ball (Fillmore Central) - Kassidy Broadwater

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