This weekend looks like some good weather for a ballgame, so come down to Mabel and check it out.

It's been seven years now since I played my last baseball game for Mabel-Canton, but every year, some of the old folks like me come back to play on that field again. As I remember last year, that date was scheduled when I was on the call in Preston for some Saturday morning baseball, but this year I should be able to make it.

Catch Made

During the summers I play baseball by some older rules, but here is when you can show up to see KFIL's morning man play some modern baseball: this Saturday! First pitch is scheduled at 10AM from the field in Mabel. I hope to play a bit of right field again, and if I get an extra base hit, you might see me on the mound!

I'm trying to practice today. You see me make this catch in the studio?


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