You have seen them before, but there is not one like this.

Okay, maybe there are plenty like this one, but it may be the funniest photo recreation that I have ever been apart of. I moved to Stewartville when I was about two years old. We lived in Spring Valley for a couple years, but moved to Stewartville to be closer to family, and closer to Rochester, where both my parents worked.

Well, back in 1996 my mother decided to take a picture of my brother and I in the moving process. It is pretty adorable, obviously.

18 years later, my brother and I recreated the photo when we moved out of that beloved home. This photo was two years ago, today, which is pretty incredible. Thanks to Facebook Memories for bringing this to the front of my brain.

Luke Lonien / TSM Rochester
Luke Lonien / TSM Rochester

If you can't tell, the remake is on the left, and the original is on the right. That house was home to many memories, and when we moved out, it only seemed right to send it off the same way we came in. The only difference is the people are bigger, and the box is a little bigger too...

Have you ever recreated a photo of old?