Last year, the owners of Rack's Bar & Grill in Spring Valley, Steve and Karla Tart (shown in the home page picture with John & I), brought up the idea to have a 'Celebrity Bartender Night'.

We couldn't find an open day last year, but this year everything fell into place, and it was set for Saturday April 30th. The local celebrities were myself, known for local sports coverage (if you somehow didn't know that), and John Fenske, Spring Valley Park & Rec Coordinator and well-known Kingsland High School coach. We would have a tip battle, with the winner choosing the local charity or organization the tips would be donated to.

Thankfully, we had the help of two of Rack's great staff to help!! The wonderful, beautiful Grant sisters- Kylie & Megan! They showed us the way and kept track of us as we hustled (or stumbled and bumbled) about the night. 

The night started with local business owners, Tom & Sue Fowler (well, Tom anyway) ordering us about to serve up the drinks. It was the perfect start to the busy night, as time flew by, and we had a ton of fun mingling with the local crowd. I'm pleased to say a few groups stopped by just to have us serve them, and to give us a hard time. By the time we were done, I think Steve and Karla would have hired us on the spot if we wanted! Not sure Kylie & Megan would have been thrilled with that! :)

When all the money was counted at the end of the night, John won the tip battle, but it was very close! $174 to $157. Rack's matched John's total, making the grand total $505 to be donated! It was decided by all of us to split the donation money between the Spring Valley VFW and the Spring Valley Kiwanis Club. We're not very good at decisions...

I'm not sure when or if I'll get the chance to do this again, but I'd certainly be game. Thanks to Rack's for hosting, and for everyone for coming out and filling the tip jars!