When you think of the dangers of being a mail carrier you probably immediately think of dogs. Did you know that 5,800 mail men and women were actually bitten by dogs in 2020 according to the USPS. These letter carriers receive training for situations that might come up. They're taught how to observe for threats and respect a dog's territory. Some postal workers actually carry dog treats with them just in case they need help getting past a pet.

There is no training for wild animals though. A mail carrier from Duluth Minnesota is going viral after posting a video of an encounter she had with a stubborn deer. Thankfully, no one was harmed and the mail did get delivered. Check out the hilarious video below.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Duluth Mail Carrier Vs. Stubborn Deer

Fanjie Nelson YouTube
Fanjie Nelson YouTube

In the video below, the mail carrier jokes around with the stubborn deer, asking if it lives there and telling the animal to take the letter. The mail carrier tries to get around to deliver the envelope to the house, but the deer won't allow it. Finally, the deer gets tired of being questioned and politely steps aside.

The postal worker's name is Fanjie Nelson. She is being praised online for keeping her cool during the encounter and for how she treated the animal with kindness.

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