Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  A wild turkey that became a major pain for Rochester police officers and others won’t be causing problems anymore.

The big tom was shot and killed by an officer Tuesday after creating more problems.

Interim Police Chief John Sherwin says the turkey first showed up about a month ago in the area of 16th St SW and Mayowood Rd, a few blocks east of Apache Mall.

Sherwin says his department began receiving “ 2 - 3 calls per day” about the bothersome turkey. Sherwin says it nearly caused multiple traffic accidents as motorists were forced to suddenly brake to avoid hitting the turkey. He says the turkey also chased pedestrians and bicyclists - and some motorcyclists.

Sherwin says the animal’s behavior was not typical of a wild turkey. Residents in the area had reportedly been feeding the turkey.

Animal control officers were sent Tuesday to try and capture the turkey after it had chased a child on a bike. Sherwin says the officers spent a few hours trying to net the turkey in hopes of relocating the animal. When it turned on the officers, it was decided to put the turkey down.

News Update:  Talk about a dedicated umpire.

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