A real estate scam has been noted in Minnesota, although it has stayed closer to the Twin Cities, one case has hit the greater Minnesota area.

KARE 11 out of the Twin Cities did a story on it back in late March, and KTTC-TV posted come information from the Minnesota Department of Commerce about how the scam works recently.

It is pretty interesting. The scammers send a link to real estate professionals, and if the real estate professional follows the link, the scammers are able to get the information for the real estate professional's email.

Then, when it comes close to the closing date, the scammers are sending an email, that looks like it came from the real estate professional, to the home buyers. This email is a scam, notifying the home buyers that there has been a last minute change with where to send the money. Often times, the home buyer thinks nothing of it, sends the money, and the money is never seen again.

It is truly incredible how advanced these scams have become, but with a little common sense, and a keen eye you will be able to stay away from falling into their devious traps. Buying a home is stressful enough, so be a smart consumer and watch out for scams like this!

Also, never send money to a weird link. How often will someone email you about a last second change of a hefty payment? Yeah, seems a little fishy to me too! I'd call the realtor right away and ask about it!

Has this scam ever tried to get you?

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