The Vikings may not have had a first-round pick, but many people are happy with the draft and how they were able to grab very talented players with great value.

The Vikings traded up to to grab their first two players in the draft in Dalvin Cook from Florida State and Pat Elfein from Ohio State. These are two very good players that fell in the draft, and the Vikings were able to get some solid value out of them. You can see all of the grades that the Vikings got HERE, via ESPN 1500. Most of the writers and analysts gave the Vikings a B+.

What most of the pundits liked about the Vikings draft was their value picks in Jaleel Johnson in the third round, tight-end Bucky Hodges and a couple of stud wide receivers in Stacy Cooley and Rodney Adams. Adams should fill a void immediately that Cordarrelle Patterson left when he went to Oakland in free agency.

Overall, the Vikings had a very good draft, and have pointed themselves in the right direction to not have the same thing happen that happened in 2016.

What do you think of the 2017 Vikings Draft?

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