It is not unknown. Southeast Minnesota has been dominant when it comes to high school football in the state of Minnesota. Our little corner will try and do the same thing in 2018.

John Millea of the Minnesota State High School League sent the Associated Press rankings out via Twitter and Southeast Minnesota/Section 1 was well represented. Three teams out of section 1 were ranked in the Top Ten in Nine Man and 1A. Two teams cracked the Top Ten in 2A while 3A and 4A found one team from Section 1 in the Top Ten.

That give Section 1 10 teams ranked inside the top ten of their respective class or 25 percent. Yeah, that is pretty awesome.

Spring Grove held the top ranking in Nine Man, with Grand Meadow at 5 and Houston at 10. Goodhue led the way for the area at number 6 in 1A, while Blooming Prairie was 8 and Rushford-Peterson was 9.

In 2A, for some reason, Minneapolis North locked down the Number 1 ranking while Caledonia had to settle for the number 2 spot, even though Caledonia was ranked number 1 on five of the ballots submitted. Not sure how the points worked, but I am assuming Caledonia won't be bothered by it and will come out strong yet again. Chatfield joined the rankings as well, coming in at number 7.

In 3A, Rochester Lourdes came in at number 2 and Winona was number 3 in 4A.

It is a very impressive showing from Southeast Minnesota, and it proves yet again that Southeast Minnesota is dominating yet again.

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