It seems like we are talking about stores closing in the mall on a pretty regular basis. I try to be optimistic and remind people of the many new businesses heading to the mall, but the stores leaving far outnumber the new. Another store is about to make its way out in the very near future. After many years in the mall, they will be opening a stand-alone store on West Circle Drive.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Right next to Aldi there is a brand new building. There are no signs that tell you what's going in there, so a safe guess would be another bank right? Nope! It's going to be a Sleep Number store. The Sleep Number store will be leaving their mall location in September. Their final day in the mall will be September 12th, and the first day at the new location will be September 13th.

No word if anything will be taking over the Sleep Number location in the mall.

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