Preston, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Fillmore County Sheriff’s Department and the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota recently removed over 30 rabbits, ducks, and chicks from a rural property in connection with an animal welfare investigation.

Sheriff Tom Kaase says the Animal Humane Society had received multiple complaints that the animals were injured, physically abused and living in unsanitary conditions. An agent sent to investigate found the rabbits, ducks, and chicks confined to unsanitary and overcrowded cages. The sheriff says some of the animals appeared to be suffering from untreated injuries and health problems.

Kaase says the decision to remove the animals was made after the owner suggested to the Animal Humane Society Agent that she was unable or unwilling to make the necessary improvements to meet the minimum standards set by state law. The seized animals are now being cared for at an Animal Humane Society facility pending the outcome of the criminal animal cruelty investigation.

Sheriff Kaase noted that animal welfare cases are often emotionally charged and complicated and is asking that those following the case to reserve judgment until the investigation is completed.

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