When I told my friends from Iowa I was moving to Minnesota, they told me I need to learn the lingo of Minnesota. Their suggestion: say "OHHH-YEAH" to everyone after every sentence. I haven't tested this out, but I did find 9 phrases only people in Minnesota say. Hercampus says these are the top nine phrases of Minnesota and I think I might start using some of them.

  1. "Uff-da"- The website says this is a phrase of emotion. I have never heard this, but I like it better than Ohhh-ay! So apparently it can be positive or negative, its all in how you chose to use it.
  2. "Skol"- They say if you live in Minnesota, you are a sports fan. I'm a huge sports fan and we still used that phrase back in Colorado. So I'm not sure if this originated out here, or if it's a universal term.
  3. "Pop"- This is a good one to know! The good old debate of is it soda or pop continues. I'm glad the site cleared this up because I didn't want to be an outcast for saying the wrong one.
  4. "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck"- I had to ask on this one. The article says that it is a version of duck, duck, goose that only kids in Minnesota know how to play.
  5. "Hotdish"- Another one I had to ask about. Hercampus explains that this is any sort of casserole. I thought it had to be a special kind, but nope it's anything!
  6. "You Betcha"- I learned this one from my roommate. I had talked to her on the phone before moving out here and she said that like five times. Instead of being blunt, it's a nicer way of saying yes!
  7. "Dontcha Know"- Apparently this phrase means nothing, but everyone uses it. At least that's what that article says. They say to be a true native, you have to throw that phrase into any sentence at random moments.
  8. "Up-North"- So I learned this the hard way... this phrase doesn't mean a direction. Apparently when someone says "up north", they mean somewhere else. I had a moment because there isn't much more north than we are. I was also told that this could mean their cabin somewhere.

Here you go. By using these phrases, you'll already be a native.

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