We're all stoked for the start of the 2017-2018 NFL Season. On Monday, the Vikings begin their crusade.

If you're one of the lucky ones heading to the game on Monday to watch the Vikes spank the Saints, here are six essential things that you should know.

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    Don't wear green and yellow.

    For the love of god just don't. We really don't have to explain this, do we?

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    Bring some cash.

    Between the beer, parking, and the snacks (and maybe merch?), you'll probably be spending quite a bit of Monday that day.

    Be prepared to have cash, just in case cards aren't accepted in a weird instance.

    Otherwise, people tailgate for a reason! Join the party!

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    Take a hoodie.

    It's going to dip into the upper 40's for the low that night.

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    Carrying something? Make sure it's clear.

    Seriously. Ladies, if you're bringing a small clutch, it doesn't have to be clear - anything bigger should be clear or it will be confiscated. Guys, remember your ID.

    Here are some other items you're permitted to bring (and some you aren't).

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    Got bad seats? No problem

    There is standing room behind the goalpost. Check it out for a better view!

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    You can avoid high parking prices.

    You can easily park at Ft. Snelling and take the train in if you're headed to the game.