How much of an expert are you when it comes to Minnesota geography? I feel like anytime I'm driving through our state, I keep seeing signs for towns I didn't know even existed. One of my favorite things? Seeing a sign with a town name that sounds like it could just be a random dude. "5 miles to KENT!"

Anyway, here are some of my favorite Minnesota towns with regular people names:


Barry (Population: 16)

Barry enjoys light beer, '70s rock 'n roll, and Twins baseball.


Leonard (Population: 41)

Leonard has 3 cats, only watches public television, and is the life of every Ugly Christmas Sweater party.


Gary (Population: 241)

Gary loves grillin' some burgs outside on the deck before throwin' the ol' pigskin around the backyard. He mows his lawn 2-3 times a week during the summer.


Brandon (Population: 489)

You don't know Brandon too well, but you let him pass out on your couch once 12 years ago and you're still friends on Facebook.


Stephen (Population: 658)

Please, just call him Steve. Only his uptight parents call him Stephen.


 Source: Wikipedia

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