I immediately think back to the scene from the Adam Sandler film Billy Madison where Sandler yells at his young friend Ernie for blowing it with Ms. Veronica Vaughn. I had one job, buy candy and have enough to last until about 8 pm. It didn't happen, and I'm not embarrassed I was handing out Christmas candy, but my wife was. 

We moved into our neighborhood in August and sure there are some kids around but the neighborhood has a good mix of people. So coming from a place where we were lucky to have 5 trick-or-treaters stop by our place to having a house in a new city with actual kids in the neighborhood we were thinking we'd get some visitors, just not as many as we actually did get.

I bought 2 modest sized bags of candy and we had some backup goods like spicy baked fries to hand out in case we 'had a run' of kids at our house. The first trick-or-treaters stopped by at 6 pm. By 7 pm we were down to maybe 1 Reeses and a few Kit Kats. I had underestimated the turnout.

I scrambled, I looked to the refrigerator, free 6-inch sub coupons! Eureka! Eh, it was only two but it was something to hand out! Then I found some of those peppermint discs you get for the holidays. The looks I got from the kids handing them out was priceless, but my wife was horrified. I mean candy is candy, right? I think it's a safe assumption she will be handling the candy distribution next year.

But to the kids who got the free 6-inch sub coupons remember my house in a few years when your debating revenge after you were given a popcorn ball.

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