I love Minnesotans...we're all on the same wavelength. We're a fun group of people who love the outdoors, we plan for cold and flu season and we just have that general 'can do' attitude. Throw anything at us and we're prepared to survive it--a pandemic, the winter, super hot heat, drought, you name it. We're tough as nails.

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If you took a peek inside of the typical Minnesota household, you'd notice a trend, too. There are things that nearly every Minnesotan has that really give insight into who we are and how we live.

Check out the list below and let us know how many of these products you currently have in your house. Bonus points if you have all of these things...that just means you're a true Minnesotan.

14 Things In Nearly Every Minnesota Home

Is there anything we missed that you think we should have included on our list? Comment below!

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