Parts of these interviews with Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille and Luke Grimes were under embargo until certain events revealed themself on Season 5 of Yellowstone, but we can talk about it now.

Specifically, Asbille's remarks about a post-funeral conversation between her character Monica and Kevin Costner's John Dutton could have tipped fans off to what happens. This article does not contain any spoilers, but the below episode of Dutton Rules: A Yellowstone, 1923 Podcast certainly does.

Sterling Whitaker and Adison Haager bring highlights from a pair of interviews that took place before the start of Season 5. This newest episode of the podcast differs from previous interview episodes that feature longform one-on-ones with stars like Ryan Bingham and more. You can find those in the archives.

Hauser's thoughts on what his Rip Wheeler can teach Carter (Finn Little) are illuminating, and perhaps spot on. The normally affable Asbille is noticeably more solemn talking about how she approached her character in Season 5, as if she's matching the mood of what Monica is going through.

Grimes is soft-spoken on screen and off, but he describes why Kayce naming his son John was important to his character and Costner's. As always, email us with thoughts and questions and look for recap and breakdown episodes of Dutton Rules every Monday

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