Between Spring Valley and Fountain, MN, there's a little hideaway. Romantic? Sure. Good for family, absolutely. A brother you keep threatening to send to jail? Perfect. It's the Historic Wykoff Jail Haus is an AirBnB that can cover all those bases.

It's close to Lanesboro, trails, and all sorts of stuff, which makes it perfect for quiet nights and breakfasts before you head out and ExploreMN.

From their page -

Come explore the Historic Wykoff Jail Haus. The property is owned by the city of Wykoff. Close to trails, trout fishing, Forestville State park, cave exploration and the Famous Jack Sprat Grocery (Ed's Museum) for your touring pleasure. Playground, restaurants, convenience / gas station all within walking distance. Located 40 miles south of Rochester in a small town of 450 people. Check out our website for more information.


  • ROOMS: 2 small
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Decoration: Rustic but comfy.

According to ExploreMN, the 1913 City Jail has been restored and a night's stay includes breakfast at The Gateway Inn. This is definitely going on my list. Cool historic location + local diner? You had me at lock me up.

Historic Wykoff Jail Haus

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