Boys Volleyball continues to gain steam and the popularity of the sport is proven as many high schools have had club teams for years.

Yet, the MSHSL will NOT add Boys Volleyball to the docket in 2019-2020.

According to John Millea of the MSHSL, the board voted 12-7 against adding Boys Volleyball to the mix as a spring sport.

The board does not have the final say, as Millea noted that it would have had to pass the MSHSL Representative Assembly to officially be offered.

So boys looking to play volleyball next season will have to wait again but are still welcomed to play as a club sport and compete against many different schools across the state.

Here are a couple of comments from board members and other advocates either for or against adding Volleyball as a spring sport.

It is a topic that has built up a lot of interest, but for now, boys volleyball will stay on the sidelines.

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