People aren’t the only ones in Minnesota who enjoy being outside during the summer – dogs love getting to run around just as much as we do (if not more)! While there are plenty of things you can do with your pooch in Southeast Minnesota this summer, there’s one thing you want to keep in mind if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors with your pet.

I had no idea about this, but apparently, you can get a poison ivy rash from your dog. Yikes. While dogs themselves aren’t allergic to poison ivy, their fur can actually hold the oil and transfer it to you. So the next time you’re out on a hike, you may want to have second thoughts about petting your dog if he or she was just running through some random foliage.

If you ever suspect that you’ve accidentally touched that itchy plant, wash the affected skin area with soap and water within a few hours. That means it might be a good idea to give your pup a quick rinse after a long hike. Good luck!

Source: NPR

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