Many Minnesotans love when spring rolls around, and not just because the snow melts and we won't see our breath anymore (we hope).

Golf courses are starting to prep to open up for the season, and luckily for us in southern Minnesota, we should be able to hit the links a bit earlier than our friends in the northern part of the state.

That makes sense, too. South of St. Cloud, the most snow that anyone has on the ground is seven inches. Here in southeast Minnesota, it is much, much less. With temps nearing 40 degrees the next couple days, we could see all the snow vanish.

According to, us in Southern Minnesota could see the links open around the first week of April, which is only a few days away! Northern Hills Golf Course in Rochester is planning on opening around then.

Those in the Twin Cities area will have to wait just a bit longer, as they usually find themselves opening between April 10 and the 15th. Those in northern Minnesota have to wait just a bit longer. The Classic, which is at Madden's Golf Course just off of Gull Lake in Brainerd has set their opening date on April 27th.

There you have it, spring is in the air and the links are ready for you to hit your ball right down the fairway. Or, if you are like me you will be able to hit it into the woods and try to track it down.

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