While over 35 million workers will be participating in office pools during March Madness, it creates a big 'uh oh' for businesses as it cost them over $1 billion dollars per hour in lost productivity.

A study from a few years ago estimated that the average worker is going to spend about one hour of their workday on filling out their bracket. Now, that does not even include actually WATCHING the games, which most people will spend nearly two hours streaming the games during work hours. That means businesses will lose approximately $6.3 billion in productivity, according to Fox Business.

WOW! That is a lot of moola lost just for a basketball tournament. Kind of crazy, isn't it? It is hard to imagine spending the entire workday watching basketball on my laptop, but lucky for me my day is practically over by the time the games begin. Score.

CBS, TNT, TBS and TruTV all broadcast NCAA Tournament games, and with a simple Google, you can find a way to stream it...just don't tell your boss I said it was okay.

Also, I have Villanova winning it all.

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