Presents, twinkle lights, food, and....hangovers.  Sounds like a typical holiday season!  When you've had "too much" and wake up the next morning feeling like you've been put through the wringer, what steps do you take to cure your hangover?  I dug into the internet and compiled a list of what random folks and research sites consider to be the "best" hangover cures.  So enjoy the party knowing that one of these tricks just might help you feel like you once again belong in the land of the living!  But do remember to drink responsibly and please don't drink and drive.  Happy New Year!

1.  Sleep, sleep, sleep.  Resting and sleeping gives your aching body a chance to recharge and recover.

2.  As horrible as it sounds when your stomach is upset and yelling at you, food does seem to help.  Something as simple as a slice of dry bread or a greasy burger.

3.  Exercise.  Seriously?  When you feel like something stuck to the bottom of your shoe?  Apparently exercise helps to sweat out the excess alcohol.

4.  Water and more water.  To rehydrate and flush out the bad stuff.

5.  Apparently my ancestors in Poland believed in drinking pickle juice to cure
hangovers.  Bleech.

6.  And finally, hair of the dog.  Experts say having a drink of what gave you a hangover to begin with only provides temporary relief.  They instead recommend downing a Bloody Mary.  The tomato juice provides a boost of vitamins that it needs after overindulgence.  Cheers!

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