It annoys me when people constantly gripe and moan about things that are 'wrong' with Rochester, MN. Every city is going to have some type of crime, no, Mayo Clinic isn't controlling the media (I work in media and Mayo has never contacted me about my work), and we actually do have some great restaurants. However... I would like to hop on the wagon complaining about some of the intersections we have because there's one imparticular that I have beef with.

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There are plenty of very strange decisions that were made while designing our roads. Like, why are there no right turn lanes on Broadway South? There's one road on the east side of Rochester that abruptly changes from two lanes to one lane. And then there's the intersection by Discovery Square. That's the one I have extra beef with right now and the one that I want to talk about.

At the intersection of 2nd Ave. SW and 4th St. SW by Discovery Square there used to be four stop signs. But then I believe in 2020 they decided to remove two of those stop signs and I think it was a terrible decision.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here's why we need those stop signs back ASAP: you can't see if there are cars coming half the time! The stop signs that were removed were the ones on 4th St. and when there are cars parked on the side of the road on 4th St. it's impossible to see if there are cars coming.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I've had plenty of people tell me they've gunned it sometimes because you just can't see. Also, our offices are across the street from Discovery Square and just the other day we heard a crash happen at that intersection. Everyone is ok by the way.

Long rant short, those stop signs need to be put back. It's safer for drivers and also for pedestrians. Yeah, there are signs saying to stop for pedestrians but I feel like a stop sign would be more effective.

Keep scrolling to see a list of the worst intersections in Rochester and see if you agree!

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