We've all heard the famous FDR line from World War II, "The only thing to fear is fear itself".  The modern version may go something like this "The biggest complaint I have is about people who complain".  I won't discuss any specific complaints we hear these days, but rather the annoying habit many of us have: constant whining.  We have everything a person could wish for...freedom, safety, the best health care in the world, opportunities, etc.  In my opinion, young Americans should be required to travel overseas to see "how the other half lives".  It would be very sobering.  My family vacationed in the Philippines this summer.  It's not a third-world country, but they have real poverty.  It was an opportunity to show my children real suffering, not to make them feel guilty but to open their eyes.  That serves two purposes, make them thankful and also people they can help.  Ironically, many poor people overseas are happier than most Americans.  They know what's really important: God, family, friends and love.

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