I believe it was The Red Green Show that gave us the quip, "if the ladies don't find you handsome, they'll at least find you handy". This unknown Minnesota man just became my personal hero. He harnessed the power of the wind yesterday ala Mary Poppins and used it to propel himself on an area lake using skates and an umbrella. 

Brett Vasey of Mound posted this video on several Twin Cities news outlets Facebook pages, including Fox 9's where I got this one, yesterday. The unknown man, who looks like he's done this before, as he confidently glides on the ice utilizing all the wind we had yesterday. Social media users dubbed it "Umbrella Skating".

I've seen ice sailing and ice windsurfing before, but never this. Vasey in a comment to WCCO-TV even dubbed the man 'Larry Poppins'.

A quick Youtube search shows plenty of people rollerskating and skateboarding using an umbrella in a hurricane, so maybe we're just catching up to our friends in the South.

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