The Lanesboro Burros and the Fillmore Central Falcons were in a battle in Lanesboro Monday night. The Burros started out on fire, while the Falcons' defense was able to lock things down throughout the game. The Burros were able to hit some shots late to get a 56-51 win.

Lanesboro jumped out on a 17-6 run, led by Carson Schwichtenberg and Andrew Luck who combined for 44 points Monday night. The Burros looked to be in control early, but the Falcons finally got things going later in the first half.

A big push started on the defensive side of the ball for the Falcons as they were able to slow down the Burros, and then start to hit some shots on their own end. Tyler Raaen had 13 points, while Josh Peters added 22 in the loss.

The Falcons were able to come all the way back and tie things up at 23 at the break. Fillmore Central and Lanesboro traded baskets throughout the half, and then a Peters 3 with 11 minutes left gave the Falcons a 35-34 lead.

The Burros were able to lock things down defensively throughout the rest of the game and get some big shots late from Luck and Schwichtenberg to close out the game and get the 56-51 win.

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Fillmore Central) - Josh Peters

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Lanesboro) - Carson Schwichtenberg

Kingsley Mercantile Game Ball (Lanesboro) - Connor Ruen

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