I am a purple blooded Vikings fan. About as purple blooded as they come, but when a player of the caliber of Aaron Rodgers gets hurt, it is bad for the entire NFL.

The Vikings were the better team yesterday, no doubt about it, but the Packers were without their best player and frankly without Rodgers the Packers roster is about as good as the Cleveland Browns. Seriously, it is terrible.

Yet, when you have a QB like Rodgers, all those huge problems are not significant at all, Rodgers is really that good. Rodgers produces great, exciting football games with his ability to scramble, throw the deep ball and hit the Hail Mary:

Yeah, Rodgers is that good. I absolutely despise that he plays for the Packers, and that the Vikings have to try and stop him twice a year, but the dude is good. Rodgers makes the NFL better, and it is never good to have one of the faces of the league go down.

As a fan of the newest leader of the NFC North, I do not feel bad that the Vikings won the game, but I think the Vikings would look A LOT better if they had beaten the Packers with Rodgers. That would have been cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae.

I would be very surprised to see the Packers win very many games without Rodgers, and it doesn't help that about half of their team is suffering from injuries.

The Vikings should have won by more than 13, no doubt about it, but the entire landscape of the NFL changed when Rodgers got hurt, and not many players can affect the league like that.

It is a big blow to Green Bay and the NFL, but it opens up the race for the NFC North crown, that the Vikings and Lions should be favored for now.

PS. That was a clean hit delivered from Anthony Barr, Rodgers just feel wrong and it was a freak injury. Terrible to see, but the Packers have to deal with it, just as the Vikings have had to deal with their QB issues.

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