The quarterback situation in Minnesota may have just become much more clear. Reports are suggesting that the Vikings have agreed a deal to send quarterback Matt Cassel to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for draft picks.

Cassel had spent the last two years with the Vikings and took over the starting quarterback job back in 2013 after Christian Ponder struggled in that role. This year, Teddy Bridgewater took over the job after Cassel injured his foot in Week 3 of the season. Bridgewater never relinquished the spot after taking over.

The Vikings are sending Cassel and an undisclosed draft pick to the Bills in return for two undisclosed draft picks. Cassel is expected to challenge EJ Manual for the Bills' starting job next season. The move also strongly suggests that the Vikings have confidence in Bridgewater's abilities, after he posted a solid season last year as a rookie.

Cassel's best season came back in New England in 2008 when, serving as a replacement for an injured Tom Brady, he passed for 3,693 yards, posting a 10-5 record. Cassel also spent four seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs before his move to Minnesota, which means Buffalo will be the fourth stop of his NFL career.