Open up your glove box or center console when you get home, what do you keep in there now? It used to be home to a folded up tattered, more than likely outdated map of the state or a neighboring state. Gone are the days of map reading for getting to a location, we all use GPS whether a stand-alone unit or the app on our smartphone. The Dakota County Sheriff's Office posted a reminder to area drivers to not solely rely on the electronic device, and to "look" at other signs in the area, like construction detours.

The Dakota County Sheriff's Office posted to their Facebook page yesterday a reminder to drivers about not absolutely trusting your GPS device as it can be a costly mistake. One driver had to be towed out, another could be cited for going around road closed signs, all because they were following their 'trusted' GPS.


These GPS drivers aren't the worst that the Sheriff's Office has encountered recently on its area roads.


Area roadways are going to be congested over the next few days with people traveling back home after the long holiday weekend.

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